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A fine day for a ride in a Chariot

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This is my first attempt at making a video – and first attempt at uploading a video to YouTube or anywhere else !! Hope it works !

Sophie is one week out from her 3rd chemo treatment – so we are in the “no-sleep week” where she gets me up every 20 to 30 minutes to run outside and deposit a quarter-size drop of horribly smelly, soupy poop. There is no point in going to bed – I just get the covers pulled up and get comfortable (that just keeps getting harder all the time !) when she is back at the pillow panting to go back out. So – I might as well figure out how to post a YouTube video, right? I really hate chemo treatments. And this was the lesser of the two evil drugs. Next time it’s the horrible doxyrubicin – or however you spell it. “The Red Death” the vet oncologist calls it. Nice.

Sophie and I are both on journeys of discovery this year. She is learning to live her life with one less leg – and I am learning that life will go on despite a life-altering incident in my own life. She has proven to be far more adaptable and resilient than I have been. I try to be more like her. Some days I really wish I had my own Chariot – with someone to push me around (figuratively speaking, of course). Isn’t it interesting how the universe seems to provide what you need – although sometimes it’s not what you think you want? Having worked for others all my life – I am in a position now where I am going to have to work for myself. “Have to” is not a positive way to put it – “have a chance to” is more the way I need to frame it in my brain. It scares the heck out of me after being a lifetime bureaucrat. I am not a natural entrepeneur. But really – if Sophie can maintain her love of life while riding in a Chariot – surely I can recover some enthusiasm for life while starting over again. Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to truly just live in the moment – and not have to think about tomorrow – or the next day?

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7 Responses to “A fine day for a ride in a Chariot”

  1. Great job, Tana, on your first film-making venture, which, by the way, worked just fine. And, wow, Sophie looks quite regal in her chariot, surrounded by her adoring minions. Queen Sophie, right? 🙂

    We hated the doxorubicin treatments too. Phooey. Blech. We’re overjoyed to be done with all that.

    Sophie looks truly great, Tana. Well done, again, on the video.

  2. that is a GREAT video!! what a bunch of happy puppies!!. i know what you mean about the chemo and being ‘one week out’…glad we finished our fifth and final (all doxirubicin) a week and a half ago. our vet called it ‘red kool-aid’, but it is deadly for sure.

    sophie, you are adorable, and you will get through this with flying colors. tana, you are amazing, never doubt your potential!!

    charon & gayle

  3. Nice job on the video- and nice looking pack too!
    I like how she tells you it is time to ride again. Maggie would sit by the wheel of her stroller.
    On Maggie’s bad nights I would not bother to get back in bed- I put on PJs and my robe and napped on top of the covers until she got me up again.
    Good luck with the new journey you are on too.

    Karen and the pug girls

  4. Isn’t it interesting how the universe seems to provide what you need – although sometimes it’s not what you think you want?

    Very. We owe our life changing experiences to Jerry, and the bittersweet lessons his cancer taught us. Thanks for the reminder.

    As Randy Pausch said: “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.”

    Beautiful video. Note: You can embed YouTube movies right here in Sophie’s blog simply by pasting the video page URL on a line by itself. As a Tripawds Supporter, you also have advanced options for video embedding using the Viper’s Video QuickTags plugin.

  5. Oh Tana – I’ve been waiting for this video! Sophie is so beautiful and regal in her chariot! Definitely the queen of the pack. I just loved watching this and seeing Sophie keeping up with all of her other friends. Great job and great video. Sophie looks like she’s doing so well!!
    I always have believed that there are blessings in disguise and as corney as this sounds, when one door closes another one opens. You’ll do just great with whatever you decide to do. I know so many of us in the “50’s Club” (LOL) who are starting over too (myself included)…it’s actually kind of exciting. Wishing you the best on your next adventure!

  6. Thank you all very much for the encouraging comments – about the video and about my yet-to-be-embarked-upon-new-life. Now that I have ventured into making videos – thanks for the tip on how to place them appropriately.

    Best of luck to you, too, Kami ! Our “50’s Club” could have a sub-club of “mulligans” or “do-overs.”

  7. Count me in on that 50s club. Just entered that realm a few weeks ago. Pawesome video! and embrace the new journey.
    Opie’s Mom

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