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Pictures from a nice spring-like day

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The wind finally died down enough to go outside without fear of  blowing away – think Dorothy and Toto style…..

Sophie had her step-sister(d0g) and step-brother(dog) over for the weekend. Roxie and Buster, aka Roller and Ibs, are young, energetic, rabbit-chasing dogs – as I mentioned in my previous post. Today Roxie discovered gophers – you know – prairie dogs, large rodents who lack big ears, but who move quickly along the ground only to disappear into holes. They are irresistible to Roxie with her keen hunting instinct. I had to find a field for them to run in that did not house a colony of gophers if I had any hope of keeping control.  Once we found such a place – I broke open a new package of “chuck-it” balls – and let the fun begin.

Roxie is the black tripawd, part heeler, part border collie, etc., and Buster (Ibs) is the mutant golden retriever weighing in at about 110 lbs (he’s not yet 2 years old). Sophie is, of course, the other tripawd in the group.

It was a fun day – the balls lost – we came home with 2 fewer balls than we started with – but home with big golden smiles – and a black dog panting heavily. No gophers were hurt during the taking of these pictures.

Sophie bringing one back for another toss

There is no escape for these balls

Out of the way red dog !!

Roxie needing a drink

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5 Responses to “Pictures from a nice spring-like day”

  1. Sophie looks so amazing! What a great picture of her catching the ball – she looks like a puppy just running so fast. The Tripawd trio – what great fun that must have been! Especially with the 2 tripawds being able to keep up with the big boy. Love the pictures 🙂
    So glad to see that Sophie’s doing well! Keep on running Sophie and chasing those balls!

  2. Saw-wheat! I love the chuck-it! I want to be like Alice in the looking glass and jump into that photo with you and your sibs. Mmmmmmmmm….gophers. Keep playing!

  3. I am totally with Opie! I would have loved to hang with the Chuck-It balls and the gang! What fun! Chuck-It is my absolute favorite thing in the world even more than schwimming! That was Peyton’s thing-mine Chuck-It! Keep chasing those balls and having fun with your friends! And remember Sophie you can’t fly!!!

    Dillon and Rhys

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time. Playing chuck-it is one of life’s all-time greatest past times. It is much better than that thing people do on that diamond thingy. I just don’t get people — I mean if there’s a ball being thrown, you’re supposed to catch it or chase it — not hit it with a stick. Silly people.

  5. Sophie,
    I thought you might like to know we lost our brave friend Opie.
    You can read about it here:

    And we had a video made for him here:


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