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A hiccup in the healing ?

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This morning Sophie was making one-armed snow-angels in the bit of snow she found while we wandered around outside. She hopped so quickly, pulling me behind her with some force, to a diesel truck that pulled into the parking lot – I’m assuming she thought it was her dad, Bill – that I had to run to keep up with her. It was a great morning. She’s been a little off her food – and this morning she actually ate about 1/4 cup of some real dog food – Wahoo ! Her vet took off the bandaging from the surgery yesterday and said her incision looked wonderful – was healing perfectly.

This afternoon – it was such a beautiful day – I thought it would be nice to take Sophie outside for a little fresh air – so we drove down to the dog park and were just going to walk from the parking lot to the little lake – less than 50 feet. It was a struggle for her to go that far – she was very reluctant. I haven’t seen her this lame since we brought her home from the hospital a week ago. Thinking she was just tired – I got her back to the car – brought her home – took off her harness and t-shirt – and found that her incision was quite swollen. She is lethargic.

I have called the emergency clinic – they say they think she is suffering some side-effects from the antibiotics and pain pills – but to watch her carefully for the next day or so. They think she has an upset stomach. I definitely have an upset stomach.

And now I have to pack her back in the car to drive my son to his last hockey game of the season – a 45 minute drive.

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3 Responses to “A hiccup in the healing ?”

  1. Hang in there, Sophie.

    And Tana, I’d have an upset stomach too.

  2. Thanks, Carmen. She developed a fever tonite, too, although her incision still looks fine. It didn’t last very long – only a couple of hours – and she is cool now. I don’t think I will be sleeping very soundly tonite. I hope she is back to her joyful self tomorrow. How’s Catie doing?

  3. We just read up on your whole blog and your family has been through so much the past couple of months.

    Sounds like Sophie has adjusted to the tripawd life very quickly and easily. They really are amazing when you stop and actually watch how much they can accomplish without our assistance. We hope she starts to feel better soon. It is hard enough accepting our dogs have cancer and then the roller coaster ride sets in. We had several random days that Peyton wouldn’t feel good. I think a lot of the time he would over due and just make himself tired. When he felt good there was no stopping him. He had a love for life, walks, balls and treats! Hang in there!

    Remember life is short! Enjoy every moment you can with Sophie and spoil her rotten! Don’t be sad if she gets excited over another person. I think they just get to the point where we have smothered them with worry that another face is all they need to perk up. We are their security blanket! Be strong for Sophie!!

    I bet Keaton and Peyton have found each other at the Bridge and are having a great time! Peyton loves to meet other dogs especially goldens!

    Take care and keep us posted!

    Cami, Dillon and Rhys

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