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Sophie lost her fight with cancer – soft tissue sarcoma – on July 22nd, 2010. She was 12 1/2 years old.

Chemo consultation tomorrow (March 18th) – what do I ask?

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Tomorrow (Thursday, March 18th) Sophie and I are entering uncharted territory – for us – a consultation for chemotherapy treatment. Many of you have walked through this valley ahead of us and, therefore, I am writing to ask for your advice. What questions should I be […]

Running with the big dogs

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Contented and snoring blissfully at the doorway, Sophie is in a deep, deep sleep. She is unaware of her housemates (the cats) jumping over her to get in and out of the room – or maybe she knows and just doesn’t care. Let them jump – […]

Pathology report

When I saw the name of the surgery clinic on the phone this morning, my heart skipped a beat – I was grateful they were calling so I could ask again if I should be worried about Sophie’s appetite and off-and-on lethargy – but also thinking that we had not yet received the pathology report […]

A hiccup in the healing ?

This morning Sophie was making one-armed snow-angels in the bit of snow she found while we wandered around outside. She hopped so quickly, pulling me behind her with some force, to a diesel truck that pulled into the parking lot – I’m assuming she thought it was her dad, Bill – that I had to […]

Stairs … the indoor mountain

We live in a 2-story house. All of the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor – most importantly, my bedroom – the bed beside which Sophie has slept for the last 10 years of her life – is on the 2nd floor. Since her amputation, she has – each night – stood at the bottom […]

You know you are redundant when …

… our dogwalker (and friend) comes to take Sophie for a few hours so I can get some things done … and Sophie starts hopping – yes hopping on her remaining front leg trying to jump up on Angie’s chest. The front door opened, Sophie bolted out – and hopped down the front stairs like […]

The 3rd day of our new life

Sophie is a 12 year old Golden retriever. She and her lifelong companion, Keaton (12/26/1996 – 02/09/2010) in the picture below, are /were both very red goldens. Thanks for the nice words of welcome. Sophie doesn’t know it yet – but she has entered a whole new world – and there are a lot of […]

Introducing Sophie

Sophie came to live with us permanently 10 years ago – the same day she destroyed the sofa during the 10 minutes she was left alone at her first home. I had fallen in love with her and couldn’t bear to see her go to live with strangers. So when the phone rang that day […]

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