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Pathology report

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When I saw the name of the surgery clinic on the phone this morning, my heart skipped a beat – I was grateful they were calling so I could ask again if I should be worried about Sophie’s appetite and off-and-on lethargy – but also thinking that we had not yet received the pathology report from the surgery. It seems that the particular antibiotic that Sophie is taking – Cephalexin – has side effects including loss of appetite and upset stomach – so the surgeon is not overly concerned – just said to keep an eye on her and not let it go for too many days. Since she ate quite well today – and raced me in the little field behind the house ! I assume she is feeing better today than she did yesterday. Yay !

The pathology report showed that the cancer has spread into her lymph nodes. I’ll have to go and see the Dr. at the clinic who does chemotherapy treatments – she is only in on Thursdays and Mondays. It looks like I’ll be on my own for this appointment ,and for getting whatever treatment is necessary underway. There are certainly enough of you who have gone through this – or are going through this – that I have some idea what to expect. I thank you for sharing your experience, and your stories.

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7 Responses to “Pathology report”

  1. I’m so glad that Sophie is doing better today. When they eat it makes us feel so much better, doesn’t it? I tell you though, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Between chemo, surgery, antibiotics, pain meds, etc., it’s no wonder our babies don’t feel so well all the time.
    So sorry to hear about the pathology report. I think in Mackenzie’s case, they couldn’t find the lymph nodes to test?? But I’m not remembering very well because of all the other stuff we were going through at the time. I hope this turns out to be ok though. Keep us posted and we’ll be keeping our paws crossed that Sophie comes through with flying tripawd colors! Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Sophie’s pathology results… I hope that you and your vet can come up with a good plan of attack at your next visit… Hopefully they will also have some good advice on how to get Sophie’s appetite back, too!

    Sending you a big hug!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  3. Awww so sorry to hear of the pathology report! Darned pathologists, they can sure ruin a good day!

    I hope it works out and you have many, many happy and hungry days for Sophie!


  4. Glad you are feeling better Sophie! It is always upsetting to us to hear about a golden that doesn’t have an appetite! I could come over and give you a little competition for food. If I finish my bowl first and you haven’t eaten yours than I get to eat your bowl too?!?!? Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂 !

    Hang in there Sophie! We will keep our paws crossed for you! I think I need to go eat a biscuit for you-that should make us both feel better!

    Dillon and Rhys

  5. Hi Tana – Just checking in to see if you have any new updates on your Sophie. We hope that you are able to make some headway with this pathology report and that Sophie is doing well. Thinking of you and keeping our paws crossed that everything is ok. Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

  6. Thanks, Kami and Mackenzie – We have an appointment on Thursday, March 18th, for consultation for chemo. Sophie has been doing great these past couple of days – since she finished the antibiotics and pain meds. Today she went to the off leash park with her dog walker and the “group” of dogs. I’m told she did great. She hasn’t moved much since I’ve been home – I think she tired herself out !

    Likewise, I hope things are going well with Mackenzie. I love the pictures you post – she looks so happy. Such a beautiful goldie. I keep forgetting to take my camera when we are outside in the sunshine – so I can post some pictures of the “tripawd Sophie” with her tail wagging and her smile back.


  7. HA – Dillon – I hope you enjoyed your sympathy biscuit – and have had many more in the days since ! Nothing quite like a biscuit to make the world right again. Thanks. I can hardly imagine dinner time with you and (a healthy) Sophie – the food would be flying everywhere !

    Right now Sophie is lying beside me snoring – she wore herself out running with the big dogs today at the park.

    Thanks for the kind words and offer of competition !
    Take care,
    Tana and Sophie

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