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The 3rd day of our new life

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Sophie at about 11 years old - a year ago

Sophie is a 12 year old Golden retriever. She and her lifelong companion, Keaton (12/26/1996 – 02/09/2010) in the picture below, are /were both very red goldens.

He will live forever in our hearts

Thanks for the nice words of welcome. Sophie doesn’t know it yet – but she has entered a whole new world – and there are a lot of new friends out there for her to meet. And for me too. Thank you. My son (he’s 12) gave me a good talking to the night we brought Sophie home from her surgery. He told me I was looking at her like she was a freak, and being all “freaked out”. He was right – I couldn’t help it – this is totally beyond my experience and I simply didn’t know how to respond. Plus I have been having a rough time personally the past few months, and this is another change that I am, apparently, not emotionally prepared to deal with very well. I am adjusting as is Sophie. We will walk this road on 2 and 3 legs together. I know I can cry into her fur – and she will lick my head, or my arm, or my face, pretty much anything within tongue’s reach – because that is who she is … she is a nurturer … and she will bring us all through this.

Today is the start of Day 3 standing tall on 3 legs, and me on 2.


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4 Responses to “The 3rd day of our new life”

  1. Sounds like Sophie and your son are on the right track! 😉 Thanks for sharing your three legged adventures with the community.

  2. Catie and Riley send lots of licking too, Tana.

  3. Tana, Son, and Sophie; sometimes, these sad events happen in our lives at a time when we can learn the most from them. Even with something as tragic as cancer, there are lessons we can learn that will help us grow.

    Tana, your honesty is courageous, just like Sophie. Hang in there.

  4. Carmen – I could not have made this difficult decision without your straight-to-the-point information and your ever-present compassion. Thank you.

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